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Trade Forex is one of the finest and the most secure trading company found by financial experts and professionals with years of experience in financial trading and online technology. Trade Forex is completely based on clients’ satisfaction and focus to lead the field of Trade Forex with innovation and financial security.

Trading conditions at Trade Forex are very competitive including tight spreads and recommended leverage. With transparency of financialstandards upheld by Trade Forex means that traders know what they see and what they get.

At Trade Forex traders are prepared to seize daily opportunities and customers can trade with confidence, knowing that their trades are informed by the most updated information. The advanced market tools and charts let traders understand the market accurately and take perfect decisions which will let them gain what they expect as traders. Since our income is based solely on the difference between Bid and Ask Trade Forex ensure you the trading success.


Trade Forex is a reputed (STP) Straight Through Processing Trade Forex broker, we provide our clients direct access to the global currencies markets through our state of the art trading platform.

We provide clients an ingenuous and enjoyable trading experience through our commission free trading, low spreads and low initial investment options.

We allow clients to Trade Forex, Commodities and other CFD’s through our platform from anywhere in the world using a mobile, tablet or desktop.

We have highly skilled account managers to train and help you understand more about Trade Forex trading, you can also try trading risk free on the demo account speak to your account manager for more information and how you can access your personalized demo account.


Trade Forex Founded in 2009 is part of the globally acclaimed and renowned Global Investment House (IBC) group incorporated and registered IBC under the Financial Services Authority (FSA) United Kingdom.

At its heart is a group of innovative entrepreneurs with exposure in varied fields like IT security, banking & stocks/Trade Forex trading with an average experience of 15+ years. They have been innovators and pioneers in their respective fields.

We collaborated together to achieve a common goal of making it easy and convenient for people across the globe to access the Trade Forex market & to enable them to take advantage of this lucrative market which was earlier reserved only for a select few with huge investment capabilities.

We have used our collective knowledge & experience in various fields to create the Best and completely secure trading experience possible in the most cost-effective way possible so that our clients get Excellent features & service without the high cost associated with them.


Trade Forex envisions providing our clients with the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to enhance their trading experience we have been able to achieve this through continuous research & by evolving and adapting to changes in this fast paced industry.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, cutting-edge innovations and excellent customers support. Thousands of happy clients worldwide are testimony to the goodwill we have built over time and we would Love to add YOU to this growing list.


“ WITH YOU ALL THROUGH “ our mission statement perfectly expresses the ideology and philosophy that the company was built on. We firmly believe in and respect this statement.

We are incessantly working to fulfill this statement of being by your side throughout your Trade Forex trading journey. We provide you all the most innovative trading tools, in depth knowledge base and world renowned systems to make your journey exciting and helping you triumph in the global Trade Forex arena

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